Discovery Summer intensive English language courses

Terms and Conditions (Residential Courses)

Terminology: 'DS' means Discovery Summer Ltd.
'You' means the person signing the Booking Form.
'Student' means the person attending the course.

1. Deposits and Payments

a) Your booking will not be confirmed until payment of the non-returnable deposit (£300) has been received. A booking is not valid until it has been confirmed in writing by DS.

b) Payment of the balance of fees must be made in sterling at least 6 weeks BEFORE the arrival date. If payment is made by debit/credit card the balance will AUTOMATICALLY be deducted from the same card 6 weeks before the start of the course. If the booking is made less than 6 weeks before start date, full fees must be received before the booking is confirmed.

2. Cancellation

  • If you have to cancel your booking, you must inform us as soon as possible. Cancellation fees will be charged as follows:
    • More than 30 days before arrival, loss of deposit.
    • Less than 30 days before arrival, loss of full fees (see insurance cover).

3. Visas

It is your responsibility to ensure the student has valid travel documents and/or visas.
If a visa is necessary, DS provides a certificate of enrolment for the visa application.
If the visa is refused, the following refund policy applies:

  • DS will refund the full fees, less the deposit, if a visa is refused and the client has followed all the correct procedures
  • DS will not refund the client if the reason for the refusal is related to insufficient or incorrect documentation
  • DS will not refund the client if the application has not been made with sufficient time for the visa to be approved
  • With all visa refusals, original documentation issued by the Entry Clearance Officer must be provided before a refund will be considered

4. Medical and Travel Insurance.

The following cover is included in the course fees. Cover applies from the time the student leaves home before the course to the time he/she returns home immediately after the end of the course.

Click here to see the full Medical and Travel Insurance Policy

Cover Amount
Cancellation or Curtailment Charges £3,000
Course Fees £8,000
Emergency Medical & Other Expenses
Medical Expenses £2,000,000
Emergency Dental Treatment £500
Personal Belongings £1000
Single Article Limit £200
Valuables Total Limit £300
Personal Money, Passports & Documents
Cash Limit
Other Money & Documents Limit
Personal Liability £1m
Personal Accident (Subject to Age) £30,000
Overseas Legal Expenses & Assistance £10,000
Missed Departure £250

*Cover applies from date of booking confirmation.

Claims: the first £50 of each claim is not insured. A claim form must be completed and a medical certificate may be required. Policy is subject to the laws and practices of the UK.

5. Medical

DS accepts students on the assumption that they are in good health.

DS nurses/appointed First Aiders will administer common, non-prescribed medicine such as paracetamol and throat lozenges as necessary, unless we are advised by you not to do so.

Each centre has access to a local medical practice. Any student may be charged for a consultation with a doctor or nurse.

In case of medical emergency, students are taken to the nearest Accident and Emergency department.

In case of illness or injury DS will follow the advice of the attending medical consultant/surgeon unless advised otherwise in advance by you.

Medical expenses may be claimed under the insurance policy (see 4 above). Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

6. Complaints


If you have a general query please phone Head Office: + 44 20 7937 1199 or email [email protected] (09:00-18:00 Monday to Friday).

Our emergency mobile phone: + 44 7768 337 288 is available 24 hours a day. Please remember the time difference between the UK and your country. The current time in the UK is

Problems or Complaints

Please bring any problem or complaint to the attention of the Course Director or the Discovery Summer Head Office Team immediately so that a satisfactory resolution can be found.

If your complaint has still not been resolved, you may contact English UK, 219 St John Street, London EC1V 4LY. Tel: +44 20 7608 7960 or email: [email protected]

7. Miscellaneous

a) On arrival the student will be asked to hand in their airline forms, passport, medication and all cash. A £50 damage deposit will be kept by the course administrator and returned in full at the end of the course providing no damage caused/keys lost.

b) Pocket money can be taken out at stated times (usually before excursions). We recommend £60 per week + £50 damage deposit. If extra pocket money has to be transferred during the course a £25 handling fee will be charged.

c) On excursions, we usually allow students aged 13 or over to go shopping in small groups without the supervision of the course staff unless the parent/guardian advises us otherwise.

d) We strongly recommend students do not bring unnecessary valuables. Any valuables must be locked away or handed to the Course Office. We do not accept liability against theft or loss of property in our safekeeping or in any other locations (see Medical and Travel Insurance cover).

e) Any student found in possession of unsuitable items will have them confiscated.

f) We reserve the right to search a student's room and belongings in the event of suspected theft or any other reasonable circumstances.

g) Students are responsible for any damage they may cause and will have to pay the full cost of replacement or repair.

h) We reserve the right to move a student to a different DS course or centre should we consider it to be in the best interest of the student.

i) In exceptional cases, in order to place students at their correct level, maximum class size may be exceeded. DS may also accept students who are marginally older or younger than our stated age ranges.

j) Promotional material – we take photographs and videos during our courses for promotional purposes. Please advise us if you do not wish the student to appear in any promotional material by emailing [email protected]

k) If you have booked via an Agent, their Terms of Contract may apply to you, but we reserve the right to apply our own Terms.

l) All sports/activities/excursions are undertaken at students' own risk. DS does not accept liability for accidents or injuries except where its staff have been found to be negligent. If you do not wish your child to participate in any particular activity or excursion, please advise at time of booking.

m) DS reserves the right to change or cancel course programmes without prior notice in the event of low numbers.

n) DS shall not be liable to you or the student in the event that any service becomes impossible to supply due to circumstances beyond our control. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, war, disease outbreak, natural disaster or terrorist attack.

o) We reserve the right to take any fair and reasonable action we think appropriate should a situation arise not covered by these Terms.

These Terms are to be read in conjunction with our Privacy Notice for Students and their Parents.

8. Rules of Conduct

  • Speak English
  • Be on time (always)
  • Be kind and friendly to others
  • Attend and join in all lessons and activities
  • Look after your belongings and the school
  • Keep your room tidy and make your own bed
  • Stay in your bedroom after bedtime and remain quiet
  • Give all your money to the Course Director/Administrator to look after
  • Have your Discovery ID card with you at all times

  • Leave the campus unless with staff
  • Drink alcohol, take drugs or smoke (cigarettes or e-cigarettes)
  • Bring or buy knives, weapons or toy guns
  • Swear, fight or bully
  • Drop litter or chew gum
  • Use your mobile phone/games console in lessons, activities, meetings or after lights out
  • Use school or personal IT/electronic equipment to access or share illegal/inappropriate sites or images
  • Damage school property
  • Steal or shoplift
  • Swim without a lifeguard being present
  • Use fire escapes unless for emergency exit
  • Go into the boys' accommodation if you are a girl or go into the girls' accommodation if you are a boy without agreement of the Course Director

The safety and well-being of our students is our primary concern. Students who break British law, do not obey the course rules, who repeatedly misbehave, do not follow the instructions of the course staff or otherwise disrupt or adversely affect the smooth running of the course will be asked to leave the course immediately without refund of fees.