Discovery Summer intensive English language courses

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Our programmes are intensive and designed to maximise the opportunities to improve your English and increase your confidence in understanding and using English. Classes are fun, active and creative - and activities help you develop your fluency. What better way to learn than amongst English friends?

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On our English & Multi-Activity courses the teaching programme is split between English Skills and English Workshops (for details of our other programmes, see each course centre page).


On arrival you will be tested, graded and placed in a class at the appropriate level. Our syllabus is based on the Trinity Exam in Spoken English/CEFR.

By collaborating in small groups you'll build your confidence in all skills e.g. in using grammar, new vocabulary, pronunciation, reading comprehension and writing in different styles.

You may change class as new levels open each week. This encourages you to interact with new people and build your confidence.

Our maximum class size is 12* international students. English children (Student Hosts) will work alongside you in most classes.

Each week you'll complete a learner review to help you and your teacher track your progress.

At the end of the course, you'll take home your student folder which includes Discovery diary entries, examples of your work, an academic end of course report, a DS Certificate and course photo.

*In exceptional circumstances, where levels dictate, this may be marginally exceeded.


Our level guide on each centre page will help you choose the most appropriate centre and programme.

CEFR (Common European Framework) levels:

A1 = Beginner

A2 = Elementary

B1 = Intermediate

B2 = Upper Intermediate

C1 = Advanced

C2 = Proficiency

Trinity GESE equivalent:


3, 4

5, 6

7, 8, 9

10, 11


View the level comparison guide for further details of levels.

Find our more about our High Level Courses for students of B2 level and above. High Level


These 'English in Action' sessions encourage students to learn and develop through doing. You'll learn new vocabulary and work collaboratively in pairs or small groups. Each week you choose a different workshop on a specific project e.g:

  • Animation
  • Board Game Design
  • Digital Photography
  • Discovery TV
  • Debate
  • Fashion
  • Fun with IELTS
  • Junior Chef
  • Mask Making
  • Photo Journalism
  • Poetry Writing
  • Shadow Puppets
Photo Journalism
Mask Making
Junior Chef
Lego Robotics
Board Game Design
Shadow Puppets
Digital Photography

Our workshops help you learn by creating, making, collaborating and discussing. It is a fun, interactive way to learn new vocabulary and grammar whilst improving your reading, writing, listening and, most importantly, your speaking skills.

Presentations take place in front of the whole school. This is invaluable practice in developing confidence and presentation skills.


This is optional and offered at extra cost (£80).

View the Trinity page for full information and a video.



High Level Courses